Award Winners – Creative Degree Show 2017

Oliver Blight

Oliver Blight is a multi-disciplinary artist mainly focusing on installation and photography. His work explores nihilism and the act of doing.‘I create work that I feel is authentic to itself and its surroundings, by questioning all validity and meaning.’

Since 2014 whilst undertaking his BA Hons in Fine Art, Oliver  became a member of The Bureau –Centre for the Arts, Blackburn and Obscura Darkroom. He has worked collaboratively on number of art projects with emerging artists and local community groups. One such project; The Plank Factory celebrates and appreciates skateboarding through creative avenues. It was the skate scene that first spiked Oliver’s interest in art.

Oliver worked with Obscura Darkroom members on the commission Lomo Wall -one of twelve site specific creative responses to Blackburn; commissioned by Found in Blackburn, a Heritage Lottery funded project. In April this year, the commission resulted in a permanent street wall artwork in the heart of Blackburn town centre.

Emma Geddes Winner of neo studio prize

Emma has developed a specialized interest in developing print processes to communicate her conceptual themes. Last year she had artwork selected for the international group exhibition the

neo:printprize 2016. Her work was chosen from an open submission of 640 artworks submitted from 30 countries.

Emma says about her work ‘as a practicing artist, I have found print making to be my favoured method of working. The theme of my work is based around memory, and primarily Roland Barthes’ theory of the punctum. All aspects of my work for the current project have been directly influenced by personal memory and experience, with each piece being rid of useless accessories; so to leave behind only the trivial extras of shape and colour.

Haiku poetry will accompany the work; the short passages will provide minimal pieces of information for the minimal pieces of work.

Rob Kirby – winner Of Nadfast Art Prize

Rob Kirby a mature student, has an interesting employment history ; he originally trained as a carpenter and worked as a teaching assistant in a secondary school. In 2014 he joined the BA Fine Art course to follow a vocation and life-long interest art.  The Fine Art course has opened up new ways of thinking and making art and has been a revelation to him.

His work is centred on memory and to some extent loss and the inability to keep a memory from being tainted and to keep it intact. Where loss is concerned he says ‘my work looks at a particular objects that may reminds us of someone.’ The object has been transformed and represented in such a way to prompt feelings associated with the loss of a loved one.

Joanne Whitworth award winner neo studio prize

Joanne’s work focuses on identity and memory. The theme is how we lose something of ourselves, when we give our clothing to charities. By using embroidery to stitch on memories, each item of clothing can be seen to hold a memory, and thus create its own identity from within a group. They are presented as themed narratives of ‘a life lived’; from baby clothes to signify the beginning, all the way to “mature” clothing to represent the end. The embroidery is also used to comment on its perceived value and place within the history.

 Joanne says of her work ‘My intention is to challenge established hierarchies, historically defined by gender where domestic crafts such as embroidery were seen as a ‘woman’s pastime’ and as such relegated to having little significance to its culture and society.

With other artworks I wish to raise ethical concerns around the sourcing of cheap clothing. At who’s expense? The video presented shows the stages along the project, re-enacting the “sweatshop” experience; working nearly every day on a target of clothing completed.’

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