Fine Art graduates to show in Interface; an interactive exhibition at neo:gallery 31st March to 20th May 2018

A pioneering exhibition of contemporary art, which explores the impact of technology on our daily physical and social environment and on visual culture in general will be launched 31st March 2018. The show which includes work by a number of Fine Art graduates from the university, will include an eclectic mix of exhibits; from interactive mirrors which turn to face the viewer, virtual reality installations, futuristic animations and sound pieces, as well as paintings, videos and 3D artworks.

The exhibition has been organised and curated by three neo:artists members; Sume Leyden, Lucie Wilson and Sandra Bouguerch, the latter two are also graduates from the University of Bolton. The curators have invited a diverse group of 23 regional, national and international artists to work creatively around their personal interpretation of the theme. Sandra says ‘The artists responded to the invitation with tremendous enthusiasm and ingenuity.’

In a recent press release issued by the group, Lucie Wilson spoke further about the themes behind the show..

The original meaning of the word ‘interface’ is a boundary between two entities, such as a cell wall or human skin, but is now most commonly associated with the means of communication between ourselves and the technology we depend on. Digital interfaces have become such an integral part of our lives that they are often taken for granted. By focusing on ‘interfaces’ as the subject, rather than purely as conveyors of information, the exhibition aims to initiate a dialogue about the ways they represent reality and directly influence our understanding of the world.

Visitors to the exhibition will find an American artist, Eric Pickersgill, who has contributed a series of photographs which feature people in a range of day-to day situations, seemingly engrossed in their smartphones. On closer inspection we see that the devices have been removed from their hands.

Eric says ‘The making of the photograph operates as a way of disrupting the isolation I feel from strangers who barricade themselves behind their technology. This exchange creates new relationships while also asking the viewer to question their own device habits. I am excited by the way the viewer fills in the device at first look. It is as if the device has become one with the body and can be seen when not present.’ ‘INTERFACE’. Is hosted by neo:gallery 23, The Market Place, Bolton and runs from 31st March until 20th May. The gallery opening hours are 11.00 – 5.00, Thursday to Sunday. A series of artist’s talks will be staged throughout the duration of the exhibition and a catalogue containing images, artists’ statements and critical writing will be available for sale.

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