Fine Art lecturer’s work in St Petersburg Show, March 2020

Lecturer in Fine Art Rebecca Sitar, is showing in a group art exhibition this week titled Focal Length at the Museum of Non-Conformist Art, St Petersburg, Russia. The exhibition features work from the 1990s to the 2000s and demonstrates the diversity of digital technology. Three British artists have been selected to show alongside emerging and more established Russian artists. Rebecca’s photographs were taken from the series Dark Matters and are exhibited with work by Rick Copsey and Pat Flynn.

Her work shows found remnants of natural objects taken from walks in remote landscapes. Reconfigured through still life photography, they are set against a dark recess of space; the staged illuminations rendered the isolated objects strange to the point of surreal, echoing the seventeenth century Bodegones by Juan Sanchez Cotan

This is the second time Rebecca has shown in St Petersburg. In 2014 her work was included in Sublime : Rick Copsey, Pat Flynn, Nick Jordan & Jacob Cartwright, Rebecca Sitar at Puskinskaya-10 Arts Centre.

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