Prize winners for the Isolationists Art Prize announced


Sam Johnson, head of Bolton School of the Arts, University of Bolton announced the two prize winners at the Unlocked Bolton School of the Arts Creative Show launch. Finalist Jo Parker was awarded the current student prize and Pilar Costa was awarded the newcomer award.

The three judges Julie Lomax (CE0 a-n news) Emily Motto (previous micro resident artist Bolton School of the Arts & Bluecoat resident artist 2020) and our very own Dr David Gledhill (co-director Rogue studios, artist & writer) enjoyed the process of selecting and judging the shortlisted artists works. They found the various interpretations really interesting and engaging to view. but ultimately after some deliberation found themselves to be unanimous in their decisions for both categories. Here are a few comments from them on the winning artworks..

On Crackers by Jo Parker..

‘Crackers’ by Jo Parker evokes the confinement, frustration, and longing of lock down with both humour and hope for a brighter future. David Gledhill

I loved the fragility of it, the soft focus, and delicacy of every element in the composition. Emily Motto

Untitled by Pilar Costa

‘Untitled’ by Pilar Costa documents a routine act of consideration for others that has become a symbol of global community resistance to the pandemic.’ David Geldhill

‘The marks filling the ominous shadows had a very sensitive touch about it and movement to follow, it was really beautiful to look at.’ Emily Motto

Each recipient received an award of Fred Aldous gift vouchers worth £100.

Thank you to all for taking part, your work makes for a great online show. Its been lovely to see such creativity and interpretations of what has been a challenging time for all! Well–done to all of the artists, hopefully to be isolationists for not much longer!

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