Celebrating 20 years of BA (Hons) Fine Art Alumni,

University life can feel challenging at the best of times. It is a testimony to our students how well they have risen to the somewhat estranged circumstances covid has brought about and in which way they continue to do so. We felt against this backdrop it would be great to end the year with somethingContinue reading Celebrating 20 years of BA (Hons) Fine Art Alumni,

Prize winners for the Isolationists Art Prize announced

. Sam Johnson, head of Bolton School of the Arts, University of Bolton announced the two prize winners at the Unlocked Bolton School of the Arts Creative Show launch. Finalist Jo Parker was awarded the current student prize and Pilar Costa was awarded the newcomer award. The three judges Julie Lomax (CE0 a-n news) EmilyContinue reading “Prize winners for the Isolationists Art Prize announced”

Artists talks – Steph Shipley

Places that exude a sense of past, a public fascia and private interior; where a gap or an interval might pervade their decline or revival, are an ongoing source of enquiry.  An evolving series of projects investigate the temporal narratives and spatial relationships concealed in places that sometimes hold a personal or collective memory or intrigueContinue reading “Artists talks – Steph Shipley”

Artists talks – Darren Tolliday

The human face is the vehicle for my practice. I am drawn towards the visual spectacle of this centre of communication and expression. I attempt to convey its many subtle nuances. People’s faces punctuate our world on a daily basis. The inverted image series attempts to address and challenge the notion of what a portraitContinue reading “Artists talks – Darren Tolliday”

Isolationists Art Prize – Shortlisted Artists Announced

During lockdown the Isolationists Art Prize competition was launched that invited artists to make artwork in response to the theme Life in Lockdown.  Any observations, reflections on life experienced during this time; whether it be from their own perspective, that of a loved one, a stranger or from another species were all to be considered. Questions  asked of applicants were ..WhatContinue reading “Isolationists Art Prize – Shortlisted Artists Announced”

Foundation Art and Design – Unlocked

Below are some examples from the BA(hons) Art and Design with Foundation course at the University of Bolton (Bolton School of the Arts), ‘Un-locked‘ there are examples of fine art, photography, graphic design, animation, illustration, textiles and special effects. With purpose-built facilities, strong links with arts organisations and industry and a supportive environment, the University of BoltonContinue reading “Foundation Art and Design – Unlocked”

Consolidate – MA Exhibition

Bolton School of the Arts Creative Show ‘Unlocked’ 2020 does not only showcase BA graduate exhibitions, we also have our MA Fine Art Students interim exhibition ‘Consolidate’. To view the main homepage for the University of Bolton Creative Degree Showcase 2020 click here. UNLOCKED PUBLIC VIEW   FRIDAY 19th June 7pm – 8pm   School of Arts Creative Show 2020 During thisContinue reading “Consolidate – MA Exhibition”

Driven – 1st year Contemporary Fine Art Poster Exhibition

Bolton School of the Arts Creative Show ‘Unlocked’ 2020 does not only showcase BA graduate exhibitions, we also have 1st year BA Fine Art ‘Driven’ exhibition.  The exhibition is a collection of issue driven contemporary poster designs, putting a modern twist on historical information and propaganda posters. To view the main homepage for the University ofContinue reading “Driven – 1st year Contemporary Fine Art Poster Exhibition”

In the now – BA Fine Art Degree Show

This has been an incredible year for our graduating BA (Hons) Fine Art students, unprecedented in our lifetimes. Contemporary art practices comment on and make sense of the world by engaging with difficult and personal subjects. Our graduating Fine Art students have made work in relation to the rules of Lockdown and in spite ofContinue reading “In the now – BA Fine Art Degree Show”

Visiting artists talks – Gordon Dalton

Dalton has earned an international reputation for his resplendently coloured paintings. He holds his MA, Fine Art, University of Northumbria, and an honours BA, Fine Art, University of Wales, Cardiff. Select residencies include URRA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2016 and the Chapter Art Gallery, Cardiff, 2007. Select solo exhibitions: Trade Gallery, Nottingham; Bay Art, Cardiff; LastContinue reading “Visiting artists talks – Gordon Dalton”