Prize winners for the Isolationists Art Prize announced

. Sam Johnson, head of Bolton School of the Arts, University of Bolton announced the two prize winners at the Unlocked Bolton School of the Arts Creative Show launch. Finalist Jo Parker was awarded the current student prize and Pilar Costa was awarded the newcomer award. The three judges Julie Lomax (CE0 a-n news) EmilyContinue reading “Prize winners for the Isolationists Art Prize announced”

Isolationists Art Prize – Shortlisted Artists Announced

During lockdown the Isolationists Art Prize competition was launched that invited artists to make artwork in response to the theme Life in Lockdown.  Any observations, reflections on life experienced during this time; whether it be from their own perspective, that of a loved one, a stranger or from another species were all to be considered. Questions  asked of applicants were ..WhatContinue reading “Isolationists Art Prize – Shortlisted Artists Announced”