Caitlyn Leach

Artist Statement

This piece of work is a propaganda poster I have created using photoshop on the current pandemic ‘coronavirus’. My poster comes across serious which is what I was aiming for, the sharp red lettering against the monochrome background creates a cold and sharp atmosphere which draws the viewer in. I used an image of my Great Grandma Winnie as the centre of the poster to highlight that this is affecting people close to us, and that it’s taught us that our loved ones are what matter the most, and I hope I can get that across in my work.

I wanted to create a propaganda poster that is showing the harsh reality and comes across as cold and heavy to view, that is why I decided to go with monochrome and red lettering. My idea for the poster was for it to be simple and yet effective and I have managed to do that by stripping the layers back and keeping it raw and as real as I can. I used photoshop as my media so that the result is sharp, clean and professional, so it is taken more seriously. The original image of my Grandma wasn’t coming across as serious as I wanted it to be when it was in full colour. I have created a strong propaganda poster with a meaning behind it that everyone can relate too. My technique of using a simple, basic design shows that my message is simple, and its straight to the point.

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