Emeka Onyegbuna

Artist Statement

As an artist I would like not to limit myself to one field of art or one medium. I preferred to push boundaries in order to apply means of expressions which is typical of either sculpture, painting or digital art.

In my practise, it is important to draw inspirations from nature and the environment through applying observational skills, just as the historical and many avant-garde artists.

The dominant feature of my creative style lies in my ability to draw. In Frontline Worker, 2020, I have presented it in simplified and symbolic form with few abstract features surrounding the virus itself and around the figure. The geometric lines forming part of the shield mask, a vital piece of equipment, highlights the perception of its importance. In terms of techniques, the creation involved digital manipulation, painting and collage.

The work Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories, 2020 presents its form and style as a digital drawing, treating it as a creative and conceptual process of creating an artwork.  As a result of constant news feed in the social and mainstream medias, conspiracy theories added fuel to various hot-topics and challenging issues. However, I do not aim to decentre or disregard the role of the subject matter but to highlight the importance of source of information in general. These resulting images are breathing interplays of colours, textures and abstract illustrations which were then digitally manipulated to blend and transform the concept of the work.

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