Fran Duggan

Artist Statement

Using a combination of Oil paints, Digital, Collaging and Printing, this is a process that currently intrigues me. It allows me to continue my love of painting whilst “dipping my toes” into the worlds of the Digital.  A way of processing ideas that cover a wide range of tools available to me, allowing me to discover the truths behind the many different approaches to Art.  

This allows me to look into the complex worlds of many subjects. From isolation and loneliness to how we can use the arts to influence opinions on various matters including, how we use Art in Propaganda to curry the favor of nations, how to get the masses to lay down their lives for the common good, how religion uses art to bring its audience closer to their beliefs, and how we can further our knowledge on issues as diverse as plastic pollution, rising sea levels and the many other man-made environmental mistakes.  

When looking at what can be achieved with simple tools, how we can change our thinking and our response to the past, the present and the future, how we can construct new ways of enlightenment that benefit one and all, these methods of approach to Art seem limitless. It’s a mission, how far can we take our ideals and how many can we sway to our way of thinking?

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