Jade Swarbrick

Artist Statement

This  group  of  work  is  centred on  propaganda  inspire  by  past  propaganda  posters  and   world war body.  I looked firstly into propaganda surrounding racism and then looking into current affairs like the coronavirus.  I   looked  into  the  things  that  needed  the  most awareness  bringing  to  them,  things like  hygiene,  money,  protests,  staying  home  and  mental health.  I  wanted  to  create  a  poster   that was  easy  to  duplicate  but  still  looks  good  and gets  my  message  across.  Using the slogan ‘love wins’ as the basis for my final piece, because positivity and being united in our community in this time, will always beat negativity. I  made  these  pieces  using  acrylic  paints  on  canvas  board.  This  piece  was  made to  highlight  the  importance  that  we  carry  on  social  distancing  to  control  the spread  of covid-19.  This piece has been made to give positive reinforcement that we are doing well by staying  at  home  and  that  if  we  stay  united  we  will  grow  stronger.  Linking  back  to  the propaganda  posters  of  the  first  world war  when  they  promoted  communities  to  come together with rationing  and  making  equipment  for  the  war.  Much like the propaganda posters I  used  bold  writing and  simplistic   colour  in  the  drawing,  as  I  want  the  attention  to  be  the  slogan  and  the  meanings behind  the  slogan.

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