Lisa Kreckeler

Artist Statement

This piece incorporates a painted face cast, features highlighted with grass, dreadlocks made from daffodil leaves and twine. It focuses on seeing the difference to the planet after lockdown, with the lack of social activities there is less air pollution because there is less travel. During lockdown going outside and enjoying the weather has been a big part in everyone’s life in keeping their mind and body healthy. On the inside of the mask there is a painting of the globe, if you hold the mask against the face the world is upside down, but when you take it or you can recognize it’s upside and place it right side up. The message this piece is trying to express is the need for change towards the way we see our planet. With these guidelines in place for corona, there will be a visible change when we revert to our unnecessary travel habits, “Spot the difference when you remove your mask.”

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