Melissa Day

Artist Statement

Process-based methods have always interested me within my practice. I feel that each sub-process is an experimental way of exploring ideas & capabilities in which the outcome will differ upon the materials at hand & the narrative in mind.

Being naturally ‘hands on’ has enabled me to engage with & push materials to their boundaries. Not only do I get satisfaction from physically engaging with the rawness of materials; but I feel that what is exposed through the physicality of the process portrays a depth of characteristics & personality.

During current times, I have found myself observing the world in a different way. Analysing the motives behind people’s behaviour, lifestyle & mentality especially when faced with an ‘unearthly’ global obstacle. I take the same approach with materials & methods exposing the character & personality of my surroundings, through mixed media techniques & strategies.

A pandemically influenced perspective has driven me to take advantage of the horrifyingly impactful events & emphasize this in a playful way. My inspiration is drawn from my underlying interest in Horror which covers a wide spectrum of different mediums including film, stories, music & art.

My work portrays themes derived from Horror Film Posters which include iconic elements such as bold, vibrant, eye-catching compositions combined with striking phrases & play-on-words. Contrasting juxtapositions in reflection to the dark happenings, presented in a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek way but also a hint of mockery, not only highlighting the general mentality of people but how I perceive the outside world.

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