Ndudi-ndudi Mamboma

Artist Statement

The discovery of painting in my life was an extraordinary experience, because since I started to practice it, I feel comfortable, confident and completely fulfilled. This state of fulfilment, happiness and simplicity comes out of my artistic creations.

Usually, I use acrylic paint with palette knives on canvas. I use colour to express emotions and make drawings with pen and pencil.

Currently, I make still life paintings of flowerpots, design posters and screen prints, whose messages aim to bring well-being to the viewers of my work.

As an artist, the ability to explore several materials and techniques inspires me, and even though each artist will have spent time developing a skill with a chosen material and technique, as a beginner it is rewarding to study current and past artists work, to best understand the creative process.

When I start a new piece of work, first I use my imagination and then I work on grouping certain elements together. I make multiple sketches which I analyse and review which lead towards the final work on canvas.

I would not like to classify myself as particular type of painter, I am enjoying having the space and time to develop new techniques and to experiment with new media, I am happy to consider myself (and my practice) ‘work in progress’.

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