Nicole Weatherley

Artist Statement

Whilst looking into the theme of isolation, I decided to create a propaganda style poster relating to the current coronavirus epidemic. But instead of advertising loneliness, panic and fear which are the main emotions being experienced all over the world, so to combat this, I felt it appropriate to create an artwork designed to inspire people to be hopeful. Especially during this season, to see that art can be a way of escape and expression.

Being in isolation myself, I found materials to work with, such as recycled cardboard boxes to paint on instead of the traditional canvas. This sourcing and re-using of materials references the ‘make do and mend’ slogans back in the times of the war effort, when propaganda posters were used to promote a joint effort to overcome hardship.

Therefore, within my own personal art practice, I strive to promote a hopeful message of inspiration and positivity despite the ongoing tough situation.

As part of an art collective within this theme of propaganda, the piece was originally designed as part of a series for an exhibition celebrating culture. I feel that is relevant now more than ever as we witness this ‘new culture’ of togetherness and unity in supporting the NHS, looking out for our neighbour and truly caring about the individual.

When we emerge from this, I hope that we can look back and see that as a nation we came together, stayed hopeful, positive and strong against all odds.

This is the message I want to come across in my artwork, stay strong and nothing can overcome us, and anything is possible if we work together.

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