Daniela Postolache

Artist Statement


Being a shy child I was taken aback by the peace and tranquillity of galleries and museums bringing upon myself serenity, a feeling that developed rapidly a high level of confidence in myself, and at the same time creating a deep relationship between the two of us – art and myself. I am influenced by ‘Old Masters’ such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Bernardo Luini, Caravaggio, Rembrandt and Titian.

I have a strong interest in the genre of portraiture and its temporal and narrative potential to prompt personal or collective memory. Memory can be expressed in different ways. With each door I close I leave something behind, I try to capture small passages of my personal life – part of my autobiographical memory. I use photography to capture moments of the everyday, acting in time as a flashback, returning memorable episodes of my life.

I work with traditional media such as drawing to explore its tonal qualities; sculpture to convey meaning through perspective and oil painting for its slow drying quality and layers of meaning to carry the viewer into a world of fantasy and imagination. In printmaking I use various papers, fabrics and acetates to explore new methods and techniques; applying different types of indentation, presenting them in different colours and shapes, developing them at length.

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