Grace Allaby

Artist Statement


My work is textile and material based and I like to explore texture, contrast, depth and range of colour while experimenting throughout the process. My aim is to create a series of works inspired by the cotton industry and the colours and shapes of landscapes. These are developed using shapes found within cartography and nature from the Calderdale Valley, which holds a lot of history based around the cotton industry. My series of works will include different textures and colours depending on my use of materials.

I have found inspiration in the work of Trish Anderson and Katharina Grosse which I have applied through my use of materials, depth of colour and the process of rug tufting. I am inspired by nature as I am surrounded by hills and greenery, which I aim to recreate in my designs,  linking the cotton industry to the process, the colour reference to the surrounding landscape and shape reference from maps and natural forms within nature.

I have used the historical reference of textiles from the cotton mills in Calderdale and the Science and Industry Museum has helped with research around the subject. I aim to develop my practice by manipulating cotton and other materials into a new form of imagery.

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