Hannah Walsh

Artist Statement


I am interested in creating works that call for the participation of the audience whether that be a physical or emotional interaction. Often referencing sensitive subjects, my work explores the varying relationships between awareness and art. Having engaged subjects as raw as death, war and disability, my work reproduces the moments and situations that many people have experienced, but the work has been executed in a way that causes the viewer to engage whether they relate to the subject or not.

Although the different pieces may not always have material similarities, they are each linked by an emotive reaction conveyed through the subject matter. Each project consists of a story where the audience is made to determine the meaning behind it through the use of colour, positioning, space and light.

Throughout my practice, I find myself continually returning to those aspects of life that are often hidden or overlooked and I have created series of work that have an emotional connection to myself and my own experiences, which make my art intimate and raw, engaging the audience in a different way. Working in this way allows me to target all audiences as not only can people relate, but most can learn and be educated about subjects that are seen as taboo. My aim is to create awareness.

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