Katy Hamilton

Artist Statement


My practice focuses on life within suburban areas during the Coronavirus pandemic. I begin by taking photographs of mundane and overlooked elements of suburbia that represent the restrictions put in place during the lockdown. Working from the photographic references I have taken during my daily walks, I make paintings using acrylic paint on MDF board.

The reason for using my choice of materials is both theoretical and practical. The thick consistency of the paint enables precise application and as a fast-drying medium, it allows me to work in layers. I also use acrylic paint as it is traditionally valued less than oil paint, making it appropriate for the depiction of disregarded suburban areas. Using MDF board as my support is inspired by the boarded up windows of the closed shops and houses I encountered. The slow and time-consuming process and multiple layers of paint used in my works relates to how the lockdown felt for many: repetitive and tedious.

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