Shana Khatir

Artist Statement


My practice investigates the connection between art, mental health, and isolation. During the pandemic we were forced into physically and mentally enclosed spaces, which I refer to as a heterotopia. Being confined to a space keeps us physically safer from COVID-19, however it does not protect us against the negative side effects to our mental wellbeing.

I look closely at the philosophies written in The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard and the experience of the home versus the house. My work has allowed me to investigate psychological representations of the home especially since spending more time occupying this space.

My work consists of drawing, printing, and photography. The overlooked in my home has become my subject matter: to look at repetitive views from a new perspective. I represent untraditional corners of my inhabited space, which is altered by the occupier’s existence, looking further into my space rather than trying to escape it. 

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