Alicja Ostrowska

Artist Statement

The world is made out of dualities: fire and water, lightness and weight, coldness and warmth. It is a space where differences and opposites co-exist. That occurs in the environment and also inside us; emotions that contradict each other share the same body creating personality. Bipolar oppositions of nature create our reality. With my practice I am translating those themes into three dimensional objects. I make mixed-media sculptural works that include contrasting materials relating to meanings. I use various metals and soft materials to form one coherent work that reflects on our world. In my structures I include sound, movement and textures to involve most of the senses and in this way I am creating a link between viewer and elements that form our existence.

Themes I research are philosophical and they come from observations of society and nature. I am inspired by differences and the idea of life in-between two pressures: pressure of high mountains and pressure of deep water. My work is an appreciation of life and the planet, as well as nuances that occur throughout our stay on the earth. I find interest in the connection between natural elements and emotions and how we can describe our psyche through things that surround us. The world and people are the strongest inspirations at the beginning and the end of my work.

Creation begins with reflection.

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