Bailey Pearson

Artist Statement

Creativity once familiar to us provides protection from the stresses of everyday life and a space for expression free from limits and expectations. My work centres around the idea that creative expression can act as a coping mechanism promoting a sense of wellbeing, especially during periods of isolation. This project responds to the feelings of discomfort, uncertainty and inadequacy felt by The Reluctant Creatives, sharing their confessions and championing their successes.

For those who do not regularly engage with it, creative activities can appear daunting, leading to a hesitance or aversion to participating in artistic expression. Inspired by the collaborative games of the Surrealists, this project delivers an alternative approach to an “exquisite corpse” by providing reluctant creatives with a series of art- based tasks and the option to complete them independently or with others. The variety of tasks provides a basic introduction to the practices of Surrealist artists such as Paul Klee, Andre Breton and Max Ernst whilst the lack of strict rules allows for creative freedom and a range of methods and approaches such as collage, continuous line drawing, automatism (creating art without conscious thought) and exquisite corpse drawings.

I could not have predicted the range of approaches that would be taken in regards to the completion of the tasks and was left amazed at the honesty, the bravery and the creativity of these self-declared “uncreative” people.

And  you will be, too.

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