Fran Duggan

Artist Statement

My practice explores the boundaries of human survival. How we traverse matters such as depression, anxiety, and male vulnerability and how we cope with insurmountable situations such as loneliness, memory loss and dementia. Harvesting inspiration from my personal relationships as well as the experiences of others, I explore and challenge how we respond to these conditions.

I draw on my proletarian roots to investigate how we persevere whilst existing with the weight of a culture that can overwhelm our standard of living. Using techniques inherent in the history of portrait painting, and encompassing modern practices such as projection and sound, it is my intention to open a dialogue between artist and viewer that can be both fulfilling and beneficial.

With my major project I will be examining the effects of dementia in the professional football game. How it is being observed by the afflicted as their memories recede, and how seriously this neurodegenerative disease is being taken in a society that places these modern-day icons on a pedestal. As time passes and retired sportsmen and women and their achievements are looked upon fondly, the vulnerability of these individuals is overlooked. We remember the times they once had while their own memory dwindles into oblivion.

I aim to develop these themes further as my practice evolves, incorporating different media such as video installation. It is also my intention to move into public art projects, developing my skills beyond the studio, where there is a more direct connection with people.

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