Melissa Day

Artist Statement

Transcending through mediums and dimensions allows me to move through different levels of consciousness, and through making, an emotional resonance is imbued by instinctively responding to scale, form, and volume which permeate the space around us.

The exploration of repetition, rhythm and flow is the fundamental aspect of my work. It is an invitation for the viewer to become fully immersed and appreciate oppositions which reflect our existence, but also challenging the viewer into questioning the balance between what is real and unreal.

Static geometric structures and enigmatic swirling forms present themselves as being simultaneously organic and abstract entities.  Alternating between two and three-dimensional processes exposes contradictions and complexities: the polarities of presence and absence, and what is real and beyond. The meticulous rendering of materials is a way I can physically embody this and allow for reflection introspectively.

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University of Bolton, Deane Road, Bolton. BL3 5AB

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