Ndudi-ndudi Mamboma

Artist Statement

As a transnational citizen in the United Kingdom, I have gained an insight into everyday life and the social, political and cultural environment around me, as well as the relationship between Africa and Europe which has a huge influence on my art.

This experience of being a migrant has contributed to my sense of being cut off from my birthplace, as well as providing me with valuable talents from another cultural background. My primary research interest lies with people who have been affected by a radical shift in their lives, such as the loss of their original culture, ethnicity or country, and those who are expected to restart their lives as newcomers and exhibit resilience in order to succeed in the host country. In my major project, I have concentrated on the kind of jobs that migrants do as an outsider. I have also focused on the social, political, and cultural issues that face migrants who are discriminated against and challenged in a variety of ways because they are foreigners. In my work, I take a contemporary approach to a subject that is still very prevalent. I am interested in how minorities in Western Europe have the opportunities to flourish or in contrast struggle to do so, I am also interested in whether they are  from a privileged or disadvantaged background.

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