Fine Art Creative show 2020 – In the Now

Abbie Detheridge
Caitlin Kinta
Victoria Matthews
Jess Lane
Justine Raith
Karishma Chauhan
Ellie Rowe
Ruth Dean
Daniela Postolache
Maddie Kirk
Jo Parker

Maddy Wood
Elizabeth Matukutire
Catherine Thorpe

This has been an incredible year for our graduating BA (Hons) Fine Art students, unprecedented in our lifetimes. Contemporary art practices comment on and make sense of the world by engaging with difficult and personal subjects. Our graduating Fine Art students have made work in relation to the rules of Lockdown and in spite of it. Large scale paintings underway in the studios were executed at home, experiments with domestic materials produced beautiful fragile prints. Ambitious sculptures were installed and recorded in living rooms. A kitchen table aesthetic, long established as the preserve of women artists isolated at home with children, became the working practices of emerging artists coping with isolation and uncertainty.

It is with great pleasure we present the works of our Fine Art students. Our end of degree celebration is a poignant one marked by separation, but also infused with great joy and hope as this brilliant group of artists leave our institution and make their way in the art world. We have had the honour of working closely with this cohort as they progressed through their degrees with determination and passion. Their hard work is testament to their dedicated work ethic and collective spirit.

The Fine Art Team wish you all of the successes you rightly deserve, thank you for taking us on your journey, we see this as a beginning and not an ending, we will miss each and every one of you.

Congratulations from the entire Fine Art Team, Bolton School of The Arts, University of Bolton.

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