Abbie Detheridge

Artist Statement

The work is born from a mere touch of matter, I want the material from which my work is made to remain as it is, what transforms into expression is no more than a breath.

(Helio Oiticia, 1960)

As a process-led artist my practice becomes part of my everyday life inspired by materials, formations and colour.  I primarily work with sculpture-based installation complemented by video work which has inspired an outcome or has been inspired by an outcome. With form and colour standing at the forefront of my work I aim to challenge the stereotypes we apply to materials used in different industries.  I work with both industrial and everyday materials such as foam and plaster, wood and silk to create contrast and tension within my work; these materials hold physical contrast in their matter.

My work is often built up using bright colours; pink, green or metallics working in contrast with raw materials such as steel and wood; distracting the eye to believe something else, and addressing the stereotypes held to them as being ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ materials.

Movement heavily inspires my work; the way the material moves through the making, or how the sculpture evolves with time and the change I see in the mediation.  Simply moving my work around the studio allows for a better understanding of what exactly we take into consideration when linking meaning to materials. This allows the works to be continuously mediated, changing the way I view and read the pieces as my perceptions change.

By curating my works as an installation, I aim to create an immersive environment; leaving nothing to the imagination, every part of the work becomes visible, allowing the viewer to take in each detail whether perfect or not. The making is just as important as the outcome.

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