Caitlin Kinta

Artist Statement

My practice relates to science and art with particular interest in microscopic imagery using macro photography and a range of mixed-media such as paint, printmaking techniques and resin to create a series of outcomes that are often abstracted and experimental.  The secondary method of photography adds a further layer of scrutiny to the microscopic and primary close-up images I use as my source.  I have always been fascinated by the connections between science and art and I underpin my work with research and the experimental materials and techniques I apply.

I am currently working with acrylic pours on canvas investigating this method from earlier experiments with resin in petri dishes.  The acrylic pours are made using the same colour palettes as resin moulds and could be mediated further by creating dry point prints.  I envisage a series of mixed media acrylic pours as the final outcome for the current body of work.

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