Catherine Thorpe

Artist Statement

Memories are fleeting. The way we remember scenes is broken up into slowed down renditions, sometimes they can even be freeze-framed snapshots of a moment, suspended on the edge of the mind.  When a person deals with trauma, or mental health, their memory warps even more.  Happy moments seem ephemeral, breaking down, disappearing; drowned in a bottomless void of sadder, lonelier, angrier memories.

I aim to capture these departing happy memories in the digital pieces I create.  The furthest memories fade out into the background to convey the growing lack of immersion; keener attention being paid in the detail of the subjects, some faceless or less figurative.  Each piece is made digitally and consists of three different tones, one light, one medium, and one dark. These are added to create layers of detail depending on the strength of the memory of that particular part.  The warmth of the happy memories is conveyed through a warm palette of orange tones.

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