Jessica Lane

Artist Statement

My practice revolves around the use of contrast and tension in relation to my theme of ‘Contrast in the City’; emotional contrast being the primary concept I explore developed through the use of colour, lighting, shapes and compositions. 

The city is known to be a vibrant lively and busy environment; to contradict this I use close-up photographs on the city surroundings, close enough to suggest ambiguity and confusion, an opposite of what is expected from the environment.  Anxiety is something many people are overwhelmed with in chaotic situations; the ambiguity of the images conveys a sense of out of place and uncertainty to convey the emotional aspect I want to demonstrate.

Initially I use photography but then progress to painting techniques often using acrylic as the primary medium due to its ability to provide expressive and vibrant aspects to the image.  Experimenting with colour and process to define contrast in the piece is essential in my practice; this often demands an abstract approach to be taken which is reflected in my compositions.

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