Karishma Chauhan

Artist Statement

My practice is underpinned by research allowing me to produce a supported rendition of the subject portrayed; this includes archival images and documents of cultural, social and historical influences.  My work is often executed through paint, though my use of medium is open for discussion. Painting for myself, is not only a form of art therapy but it allows me to connect with my subject or research in a raw, visceral manner enhancing psychological and sensory motifs that may underline my work. 

Curation and the display of work is also a key interest. The utilisation of space, and how artwork incorporates a space can be vital in creating an interesting motif or resonating impact or experience for the viewer. This could be executed through various lightings, an unorthodox gallery setting, or creating site-specific work.

Breaking the conformist views often enforced by prestigious, respected industries through unconventional ways is also shown in my work, through physical means such as curation but also conceptually by adapting and combining traits from historical and contemporary influences.

This is the link for the online puzzle: https://jigex.com/Bd6W

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