Victoria Matthews

Artist Statement

My work is a mix of paintings, sculpture, ceramics and photography as I explore the relationship between the process of making and the theme of mental health.  I respond from a personal perspective to the influences of stereo-typing, the impacts of social media and what is often regarded as a ‘taboo’ subject to talk about amongst friends, family and many others.

There is a lot of social stigma about how a person should be and that mental health should be something that needs to be put aside and stored away until further notice.  I want people to think and talk about what I have made, and to raise awareness of mental health through 2D and 3D media, visual representations of what remains hidden and unspoken.

The ceramic pieces in Fragmented were created from the physical act of smashing, breaking, manipulating fragments ripped from the moulds during the casting process.  The properties of clay are explored through their handling – the works tactile, fragile and delicate, open to interpretation and inviting a response that might be emotional, thought-provoking, expressive and personal not only to me but all who engage with them.

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