Rahela Khan

Artist Statement

I am interested in female Muslim identity in diaspora communities, I take a special interest in pattern and colour in my practice. This interest in colour and pattern derives from a young age, drawing on memories and influences from my cultural heritage. I make contemporary artwork that is aesthetically pleasing, yet adheres to the tenets of the Islamic faith using non-figurative imagery. It is an amalgamation and celebration of female Muslim identity merging with my own multicultural heritage. I work against the culture of misconceptions portrayed in western media. My work relates to travel where I connect with geography to build up references to culture and faith, featuring doors and architecture. Doorways signify gender inequality, especially for Muslim women. My artwork comprises experiential and decorative images of travel portrayed in different visual art forms where I document, make prints, and producing ceramics. My work can be summed up as transformational in many guises.

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