Sophie Fellows

Artist Statement

I have always used mediums in versatile ways to cause a hint of emotion in my work. Influences from natural disasters from all parts of the world give me food for thought. I find myself questioning and highlighting the absurd lifestyle we trend into today. How we have become the over consumer and mostly importantly how overconsuming is affecting our environment.

Mass consumption, overseas shipping and cheap quality materials are sourced to create products in time for hungry consumers. I fear, in the not too distant future we will deplete our natural resources and our environment will be totally over worked. From the roots of our trees to the copper filled pipes stuck to the walls of the factories, this could have a devastating effect on our future. Could one day mother nature possibly take back our natural planet?

I have experimented with both traditional and non-traditional mediums to create a representations of futuristic earth by sculpturing out smaller manufactured planets. Each medium I have used shows a natural factor of life. For example, processed marshmallows melted down form a loose stringy goo that represent the natural webbing from a spider.

Inspired by new technology such as 3D printing and research on robotics in manufacturing, I combined a dry leaf and a carry bag on the 3D printer. Resulting in a ‘happy accident’ a clash of nature and plastic, the new blue prints for our futuristic world.

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