Visiting artists talks – Matthew Burrows

1-4 March 2021 Professional Engagement Week

From the beginning of March 2021 students at Bolton School of the Arts will have the opportunity to engage with a wonderful array of art and design professional talks in a week dedicated to professional engagement across the creative arts.

In Fine Art we have some great speakers lined up including; Manchester based sculptor and performance artist Nicola Dale, Rut Blees Luxembourg; international artist and instigator of Fillet, Daniel Lingham; editor of Sculptorvox/SVOX TV and Bobby Benjamin artist and director of Pineapple Black Gallery, Middlesborough.

To start the week international artist Matthew Burrows and instigator of Artist Support Pledge on Instagram, will talk about his practice and why he initiated the Pledge. Burrows graduated with a Master’s degree in painting from the Royal College of Art London (1995) In 2000-2001 he undertook a residency at the National Gallery, London and has since garnered a reputation in painting; showing extensively in solo and group shows. He currently lives and works in East Sussex and is represented by Vigo Gallery, London.

The success of the artistssupportpledge has been phenomenal. Through the spirit of generosity it harnessed, it has helped artists help themselves providing much needed support under Covid 19. The project estimates close to half a million works sold, with collective revenue of £60million across several continents. As a result last year Burrows received an MBE in the Queens Birthday Honours and was awarded personality of the year by Apollo-The International Art Magazine.

Matthews Burrows – 1st Monday 11am

Nicola Dale – 1st Monday 2pm

Daniel Lingham – 2nd Tuesday 11am

Rut Blees Luxembourg – 2nd Tuesday 2pm

Helen Stevens – 3rd Wednesday 11am

Julie Levy – 3rd Wednesday 2pm

Lynda Sterling – 4th Thursday 10am

Bobby Benjamin – 4th Thursday 11am

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