Visiting artists talks and masterclasses – Robin Megannity Masterclass in oil painting

In February artist Robin Megannity gave a masterclass in oil painting to first year undergraduates studying 2D processes and techniques in painting. During his visit Robin also gave a talk about the developments in his own work since he graduated in Fine Art BA (Hons) from University of Wales Institute Cardiff in 2007. The talk gave students a great insight into the working methods formulated by a professional artist and to the conceptual evolvement of their ideas. The masterclass and illustrated talk focused on classical painting techniques which incorporated the use of grisaille as under painting utilized by Master painters such as Ingres Jean Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1780-1867) but also developments linked to this approach in contemporary painting by artists such as Michael Borremans. Robin has shown in several exhibitions including a solo show at Bureau (2014) and more recently in group exhibitions Papercuts Tripp Gallery, London (December 2017), The Manchester Contemporary: Visiting artists talks and masterclasses Robin Megannity : Masterclass in oil painting. w/Paradise Works (October 2017) & Politics of Paradise: Paradise Works, Salford ( October 2017)

In writing about Megannity’s work for the Guardian newspaper (2014), the well-known art critic Richard Cork had this to say about his work.

Robin Megannity imbues his images with the retro appearance of traditional oil paintings. Unusually for a contemporary artist, he makes use of oil paint’s illusionistic potential, building up his fictional scenarios in fine layers to suggest real-life scenes. He employs a changing cast of actors to pose with apparently meaningful gestures amid an assortment of symbolic props. The muted colours create claustrophobic shadows and the cryptic titles (I Am Convincing Myself To Transmit, The Captain Reached For Something To Hold On To, pictured) add to the atmosphere of narrative suspense. The aim seems to be to suggest a series of storylines that have been petrified into enigmatic yet intriguing mysteries.

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