Lecturer Liam Ainscough in exhibition at Oxford University 2019

Room 103: a visual tribute to George Orwell was selected to exhibit the influence the writer has on contemporary visual art at


10-17 Oct. 2019 at Oxford University

Organised by Dr. Lisa Mullen and Dr. David Dwan

Oct. 10th: Carole Cadwalladr and Fintan O’Toole in fine, provocative form at this evening’s talk ORWELL AND JOURNALISM at The Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre, Worcester College, Oxford University. Paintings and video screening in foyer.

Programme cover and introduction for

SYMPOSIUM: NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR NOW 11 October 2019 Nash Building, Worcester College, Oxford

Papers presented by Jean Seaton, Joshua Dienstag, Anna Vaninskaya, Dorian Lynskey, Joanna Kavenna, Victoria Bateman, Nathan Wadell and Greg Claeys.

ROOM 103 @ the Foyer of the English Faculty Building, Manor Road, OX1 3QU.

10-17th October.

Showing with Paul Steffan Jones, Garry Barker, Tony Baker, Nigel Pugh, Mark Elmore, Liam Ainscough, Alan Pergusey.

All images and text taken from https://smokingbrush.wordpress.com/

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